Rescued calf which will never be slaughtered for veal

We have a beautiful photo of a rescued calf whose mother died and who will NEVER be slaughtered. Please click on Community Work to read this heart warming story.

Fallow Deer

Fallow Deer


Fallow Deer
AN article in the Cape Argus on 23 June 2017 has again raised the spectre which occurred between 2000 and 2009, when FALLOW DEER, rabbits and other creatures, were hunted and killed on Robben Island by the Robben Island Museum authorities and other like-minded organisations. This is scheduled to happen again with immediate effect and we have heard that two Fallow Deer will be shot every night until 200 have been killed. Thereafter, a new permit could be applied for. As before, there has been no public participation.

The Magic of Humane Education and Puppy Hope's happy ending.

To read more about the Magic of Humane Education, as well as about our brave puppy Hope's happy ending, please read about these issues under Dogs.


PLEASE HELP! All our previous sources of dog and cat food donations have completely dried up as of today, 3 February 2017. This will be a tremendous blow to all animal organisations. We use 100kg of dog food a day at a cost of R1000,00 per day. We are appealing to all the good people who have adopted a dog or cat from us, to donate one bag of either dog or cat food every month to Adopt-a-Pet. Phone us to collect or hopefully you can drop off, at 021 465 4560 9-10am or 7pm-8pm or sms 074 5199600. Thank you for reading this appeal.

TREES also need protection

Readers may be surprised that we have included issues about trees on our website. Because Adopt-a-Pet cares about the plight of land animals, birds, marine animals, the environment, issues about global warming, the devastating increase in poaching, hunting and the loss of forests, the burgeoning crime, violence and the scourge of drugs are of enormous concern.

The Canis Aficanis Dog. Highly Recommended. Now recognised as a breed.

 The Canis Africanis (the original African dog) is highly recommended by Adopt-a-Pet where we have a large selection. These remarkable dogs have been recognised as a breed.  They have kind and even temperaments and are utterly devoted to their owners.

Bank details for Adopt-a-Pet. We would appreciate donations, however small, towards our rescued animals & Humane Education

 RUNNING an animal shelter is not easy, especially as we are  totally committed  to our  "pro life" policy. Although we have never claimed that we can rescue every animal whose life is in danger, whatever comes through our doors gets the best attention we can offer.  However, we do not believe in suffering and if an animal is terminally ill or is suffering incurable pain, on the opinion of the outstanding veterinarians who have been helping us since 1994, we do believe in euthanasia in the true sense of the

How safe are adopted animals with their new owners?

Although we do our utmost to ensure that the people who adopt our rescued animals are appropriate new owners, we are always left with a niggling doubt as to how safe our animals actually are. A very worrying incident occurred last year which we would like to share with you. About five years ago we homed a beautiful dog to a couple, who came to adopt a second dog a year later. During follow-up conversations, they were full of praise for both dogs and we assumed that all was well and that no news was good news.

CHRISTMAS DAY 25 December 2015. Two good rescues: 4 kittens & Monique with her surviving 6 puppies, born on Christmas Day

SADNESS AND RESCUE ON CHRISTMAS DAY 25 December 2015. "UNTIL HE EXTENDS THE CIRCLE OF HIS COMPASSION TO ALL LIVING THINGS, MAN WILL NOT HIMSELF FIND PEACE." Albert Schweitzer: Philosophy of Civilisation. Morris, who is one of our Kennel Assistants at Adopt-a-Pet alerted us to the plight of a mother dog whose owner had died. On Christmas Day, the mom dog whom we have since named Michelle, had given birth to 10 beautiful puppies in the gutter of a very busy road outside an informal settlement. Our usual helper could not be reached and the police could not help.
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