PLEASE ensure your pets are identifiable

EVERY SINGLE DAY WE GET PHONE-CALLS, SMS'S AND EMAILS FROM DISTRESSED ANIMAL OWNERS FRANTICALLY TRYING TO TRACE A LOST PET. WE ALWAYS ASK THEM THE SAME QUESTION "IS YOUR DOG/CAT WEARING A COLLAR WITH AN IDENTITY DISK AND IS IT MICROCHIPPED?" IN 99,9 % OF THE CASES, THE REPLY IS "NO"  OR "MY DOG/CAT NEVER GETS OUT" OR "I JUST WASHED THE DOG/CAT AND FORGOT TO PUT THE COLLAR BACK ON," ETC.   WE GET SO ANGRY WITH OWNERS WHO ARE SO CASUAL ABOUT THEIR PET'S WELFARE. WOULD YOU LET A VERY YOUNG CHILD WONDER OFF ALONE IN THE STREET? A DOG OR CAT IS LIKE A YOUNG CHILD, IT CANNOT SPEAK TO ASK FOR HELP IF IT IS LOST, IT CAN GET RUN OVER, CAUSE AN ACCIDENT FOR WHICH YOU WILL BE RESPONSIBLE, OR  GET STOLEN FOR DOG FIGHTING OR IT MAY BE TIED UP IN A BACK YARD UNDER CRUEL AND TERRIBLE CIRCUMSTANCES FOR THE REST OF ITS LIFE.    Could someone please enlighten me as to why owners refuse to ensure that their pets are identifiable?  Even when we adopt out our dogs and cats to "good" owners, we find that sometimes the first thing the new owner does is remove the collar and tag.  If the pet gets out, how on earth can be returned to its owner?  There are endless frantic emails circulating about trying to trace a missing pet or trying to find an animal's owner.  PLEASE - make our task easier and save your animals' lives - collar, tag and microchip your animals. Also bear in mind that microchips can move in the body, so please  do both - collar and tag and microchip your pet (this includes animals other than dogs and cats). NEVER take off the collar and identiy disk whether the animal is inside your house, in your garden or going for a walk.  Also NEVER let your dog out to wonder in the street outside your house (because you are too lazy to exercise it regularly or don't twant to pick up its faeces). I was shocked that so many people do this - they say" my dog goes out on the pavement ouside my house to run around but he/she always comes  back." Also bear in mind that the new very strict and onerous Animal By-Laws will impound animals roaming in the streets or other public places. After 10 days (and sometimes sooner) if not claimed, the animal will be destroyed by lethal injection.   Also bear in mind that some of the pounds do not advertise "found" animals. YOU are expected  to be proactive and to go and look for your lost animal.  (How do people who rely on public transport or who don't have telephones manage to do this?) Do you want your pet to die by lethal injection at a dog pound?  Have you seen an animal die by lethal injection?  Have you wached the life drain out of is eyes? Perhaps you need to experience this to give you a wake-up call, and you may then realise how important it is that your pet is safe and can be identified. In addition, you need to ensure that your staff and family realise the importance of keeping gates locked so that your animals cannot get out of your property and that if you have a remote controlled gate, ensure that your pets are kept safely elsewhere in your home so that they cannot run out. your open driveway.   If only one person reads this and puts a collar on his/her dog or cat, this notification would have been worthwhile. Please email us with your comments.  To those people who comply with the requirements, thank you for setting a example to those who do not care.  The animals, as so ofen happens, are the innocent victims of mans' indifference.