Thank you to all the kind people who are helping Adopt-a-Pet with our shelter that is finally starting to take shape.

It has been a real slog to get our new rented premises into shape since we moved to Schaapkraal in March 2014. But thanks to our amazing volunteers and staff, the place is starting to look so much better. Our dogs and cats are settling in well and we have a large selection of lovely dogs, puppies and cats for adoption. So we are looking forward to many phone calls from you looking to adopt a special animal. This will create space for us to rescue more destitute animals waiting for loving and responsible new custodians who will give them a second chance at life. You will be happy to see many gaps in our dogs and cats needing homes and will find them now under "happy endings." Another bit of good news is that our dedicated volunteers from Sweet Home Farm and Factreton are spending many happy and useful hours at our shelter walking our dogs and interacting with our beautiful puppies and cats. Please phone us on 021 465-4560 about 9:30am or between 19h30-21h00 to inquire about our pets for adoption. We would also appreciate any donations of dry puppy, dog and cat food, polar fleece blankets, large stainless steel food and water bowls, leashes and collars to see our animals through these icy cold days and nights. To all our supporters, thank you for remembering our animals and we hope that you will continue to volunteer at our shelter.