There are many ways to help Adopt-a-Pet. You are invited to volunteer at our shelter.

We are inviting members of the public to volunteer at our shelter. For example, we need people to walk our dogs, interact with and socialise our puppies and cuddle our cats. If you are up to it we always need assistance with handiman work, tidying up, fixing kennels and other odd jobs. Donations of dry dog and dry cat food as well as cat litter, polar fleece blankets, moulded plastic dog beds (the dogs chew up the soft beds), kennels and stainless steel water and food bowls are ALWAYS URGENTLY NEEDED . Also leads and collars for dogs and cat collars. As Adopt-a-Pet is open 365 days a year, from 8:30 am to 5:00pm, perhaps you may like to sponsor a cleaner's salary (we have four permanent cleaners), or that of our two lady supervisors, repair/ or hopefully replace our ageing rescue vehicle which is not in working condition at present and cannot be used. We work in high risk areas and need to have a reliable vehicle. We need help from a plumber and an electrician to connect up our washing machines and only have one tap for cold municipal water. We have to use brown borehole water which stains all our plastic bowls which the animals use for drinking. Maybe someone would like to contribute towards our rent, or veterinary expenses? Our expenses are high and any assistance, however small, would be very much appreciated and would make a big difference to us. Remember that Adopt-a-Pet is a "pro-life" dog and cat rescue, rehabilitation and adoption organisation. The only animals which are euthanased in the true sense of the word are the terminally ill and those suffering from incurable pain without any hope of recovery on the advice of the veterinarians who have been helping us since 1994. Every animal which enters our premises receives the veterinary treatment which is required and each animal is treated with the same love and respect, whether it is an emaciated homeless dog riddled with disease, or a cat with broken legs, all of which would have lost their lives without our intervention. We believe in happy endings and there is no time limit on their lives. Since March 2011, Adopt-a-Pet has embarked the challenges of gangsterism, drugs and violence. The programmes which promote respect for all life, have succeeded beyond our expectations and involve regular hands-on interaction with nature, animals, the environment and much more. Our aim is to nurture the learners, who are aged 16-19, to become tomorrow's decision makers and leaders who will promote humane alternatives instead of violence to resolve problems, both towards other creatures which share our troubled world and towards our fellow human beings. We have been rewarded by the learners wanting to enter professions such as veterinarians, veterinary nurses, conservationists, social workers, chefs and firemen. They urgently need sponsorship to realise their dreams. Please phone 021 465-4560 between 19h00 and 20h30 for more information. Thank you for reading this blog.