Bank details for Adopt-a-Pet. We would appreciate donations, however small, towards our rescued animals & Humane Education

 RUNNING an animal shelter is not easy, especially as we are  totally committed  to our  "pro life" policy. Although we have never claimed that we can rescue every animal whose life is in danger, whatever comes through our doors gets the best attention we can offer.  However, we do not believe in suffering and if an animal is terminally ill or is suffering incurable pain, on the opinion of the outstanding veterinarians who have been helping us since 1994, we do believe in euthanasia in the true sense of the word.

In addition we firmly believe that Humane Education is one of the best ways to prevent the ill treatment of animals by young people and children,  which research has shown to be a strong indicator when they become adults, of future violence towards the vulnerable in our society, such as women, the handicapped, children and the elderly.    Without the benefits of humane education, violence has tragically become a way of life and the torture and killing of animals and people will continue unabated.

We have been running two Humane Education and Youth Enrichment programmes in two high risk areas since March 2011 and the results have succeeded beyond our expectations. Many of the learners have admitted to having tortured and abused animals prior to their having joined our weekly hands on outreach programmes.  Five years later the learners have become our "inspectors" and regularly report cases to us of both animals and people in need of help.  The learners are attracted to the "service" professions and want to study further in fields such as veterinary science, social work, teaching, psychology and conservation.  These exceptional young people volunteer at our animal shelter and bring new friends along. We are inspired by Buddha who said that a single candle can be the source of light for a million candles. We need your support to continue with our innovative work. Thank you for reading this.

Our banking details are: 

Adopt a Rescued Animal t/a Adopt-a-Pet.

Standard Bank a/c number 421 323 671.

Sea Point Branch: code 024109.

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