TREES also need protection

Readers may be surprised that we have included issues about trees on our website. Because Adopt-a-Pet cares about the plight of land animals, birds, marine animals, the environment, issues about global warming, the devastating increase in poaching, hunting and the loss of forests, the burgeoning crime, violence and the scourge of drugs are of enormous concern. During my daily travels in connection with our work, it is so sad to witness the ongoing and unnecessary mutilation of beautiful trees alongside our roads by City Parks officials for no apparent reason, other than to justify their employment by filling their empty trucks. Surely these people can be put to better use by being taught how to build houses with flushing toilets for homeless people living in abject poverty, including planting as many trees as possible in every open area and leaving them to grow as nature intended, instead of using their power saws to transform them into deformed skeletons. In the case of SanParks, the objective is obviously to make as much profit as possible from felling forests. and obtaining income from hunting. Trees are miracles of nature, they produce oxygen and absorb carbon dioxide, they cool the air and attract rainfall. Yet, we have so many barren and dusty areas where trees would soften the environment and help to counter global warming. So expect some more photos of the so called "conservationists' " handiwork from time to time. Adopt-a-Pet's focus is on saving animals lives, sterilisation of animals to keep numbers down, encouraging people to adopt rescued animals instead of buying from backyard breeders, sensitising young people who live in high risk areas to respect all life, promoting Humane Education, inspiring people to plant organic gardens, to protect our trees and to become vegetarians. Our beautiful world is in trouble. Concerned people need to stand up and be counted before it is too late.