Dying puppy brought by owner to our Adopt-a-Pet promo on 28 January 2017 has survived

Dying puppy brought by owner to our Adopt-a-Pet promo on 28 January 2017 has survivedA TYPICAL DAY AT ADOPT-A-PET. SOME GOOD NEWS AND SOME SAD NEWS: Two of the three puppies have survived and are thriving. Sadly the third pup did not make it. On Saturday morning 28th January 2017, during one of our Adopt-a-Pet promotions, we were phoned by a very concerned lady who said she had a mother dog who wouldn't feed her young litter of eight puppies of which only three had survived. I asked her to bring the puppies to us urgently and we would take them to our vet. However, she found a place nearer to where she lived and did not turn up. I phoned her to ask why she had not arrived and when I heard what had transpired on her side, I urged her to bring them to us urgently. It was already about 3pm when she arrived and the 3 puppies were in a very bad state, as can be seen in these two photos. We are sadly used to seeing animal neglect, but we can safely say that we have very seldom seen such a huge abundance of ticks and fleas on these poor little creatures. Everyone rallied to help with sugar water and a syringe to try to revive the most compromised puppy. After the puppies were rehydrated a bit, we rushed all three puppies off to the veterinary practice which has helped us in the past and which was fortunately open at that time in the afternoon until 5pm, although it was a long distance away. The competent and concerned veterinarian immediately took a blood sample to test for Biliary or tick bite fever. The sample of blood was the colour of transparent tear gel, there was no sign of red blood. According to the vet, the huge amount of ticks and fleas, had sucked the puppies dry of blood. Fortunately, there was also no sign of tick bite fever. The vet advised against putting the puppies on drips as this would dilute whatever bit of blood that might be left and could cause the puppies to die. We bought some AD tins and fortunately had some first stage milk at an amazing lady who was currently bottle feeding tiny newborn kittens for us, who went to her when they were two days old. The vet sprayed the puppies against the ticks and fleas and donated us a fleece blanket as ours was contaminated with masses of ticks and fleas. We then took the puppies to the bottle feeder and she started feeding them a drop at a time. The next day, the 3 puppies were still being force feed at 1 1/2 - 2 hour intervals and were given sub-cutaneous fluids as they were all dehydrated. But at 10:30pm on the second night I was phoned to say that the weakest puppy was having seizures and was crying. I arranged with the feeder to rush the puppy to the all night vet, where it deteriorated rapidly and was mercifully euthanased. The good news is that the remaining two puppies are now eating on their own and are gaining weight. The kittens are also doing very well. Their mom who wouldn't feed her kittens was operated on as she had two dead kittens inside her body. She is also recovering. Tessa, the mother of the puppies is also doing well. When we checked out the mother dog, she had a strong smell of Jeyes Fluid. We asked the owner, who had not had dogs before and had taken the mom dog and puppies over from her sister, if she had sprayed the mom dog and her puppies with Jeyes Fluid to get rid of the ticks and fleas and she said that she asked members of the community what to do and they had advised her to do so. We are assuming that the puppies which had died and those who had miraculously survived had drunk from the mother affordable clinics to treat people's animals either after hours or on public holidays and weekends. Surely we can do better than this! We will be posting photos of the remaining 2 puppies and their mom Tessa shortly as well as of the bottle fed kittens. Another happy ending for Adopt-a-Pet's rescued animals. Like the City of Cape Town's slogan "our City works for you", Our "pro-life" animal policy works for the animals we rescue.