SILKE and ROSS our rescued adult male Pitbull - another happy ending

SILKE and ROSS our rescued adult male Pitbull  - another happy ending ROSS was brought into our shelter about two years ago after he was found roaming the streets in a poor condition with a missing eye and many scars all over his body. His rescuer's name was Ross and we named this sad dog after him. Ross had clearly been used for fighting, but underneath his battered exterior was a loving and forgiving nature. Silke, one of our very special volunteers recognised Ross's potential and took him under her wing. She longed to adopt him but as she lives in a flat on the 4th floor, she was unable to keep him. Ross spent several weekends and overnights with Silke and during the day he went on beach walks, he enjoyed drives and sat quietly on the back seat of her car and he was completely house trained. He got on with people, obeyed basic commands and was an absolute pleasure. His only drawback was his unease with other dogs. Last Sunday, 7 May2017, Ross was introduced to an animal loving couple in Paarl on a foster basis. He was given toys and he became a puppy again, rolling onto his back on the lawn and tossing his toys into the air. He continues to be an absolute trouble free dog and we will keep you up to date with his story. Ross is a prime example of Adopt-a-Pet's mandate - that every rescued animal deserves a 2nd chance at life. These unfortunate animals who are rescued from torture, suffering & neglect were all born perfect. It is people who have destroyed them mentally and physically. This is why we are such strong advocates of the value of Humane Education programmes to sensitise young people to develop respect for all life, whether towards the non human creatures with whom we share our troubled world, as well as towards our fellow human beings. Does it work? We have been running two such programmes with young people living in high risk areas since March 2011 & we are firmly convinced that Humane Education is one of the most valuable methods of bringing down violence & promoting compassion & empathy. To know more about our animals and our Humane Education Programmes, phone 021 465-4560 between 19h30 and 20h30.