FW: Murphy and a maltese

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Dear Robynn,

Thank you for sharing Murphy’s happy ending with us and for giving him the best home possible after his very sad beginning.   I was alerted to Murphy’s plight and that of his mother and his siblings by one of our kennel assistants on Christmas Day 2015.  Murphy’s owner had sadly passed away, and when Murphy’s mom went into labour, the neighbours chased her into the very busy road in the blazing sun with heavy traffic, taxis  and noise where she had to give birth to her puppies on the side of the road with no comfort,shade,  food or water.  Nobody would help –  the police refused to assist and it was  a dangerous area. By the following day (Boxing Day) we managed to find a compliant taxi who fetched the mom and remaining puppies.  By then four of the 10 puppies had died from the heat and dehydration – one can only imagine the tenacity and stress  of the mother dog whom we finally rescued and took to the safety of our shelter.    Murphy’s mom whom we later named Monique was in a coma from her ordeal, but although she appeared to be unconscious, her puppies still managed to drink from her.   We have found outstanding homes for four of the puppies and still have two  left, plus their mom Monique, all of whom have the most gentle and sweet natures imaginable.  The puppies (now 18 months old)  are white in colour, tall and slim and   look like greyhounds with ridges on their backs. The mum, Monique, is black and Murphy looks like her.  We are confident that their time will come.  At adopt-a-pet, there are no time-limits on  the lives of our rescued animals.


Happy endings like the one you have given Murphy, fill us with hope, gratitude and the strength to carry on.


I would also like to acknowledge with thanks that his adoption fee has been received.


Founder: Adopt-a-Pet


Hi Cicely,


Thank you once again for the wonderful work you do and the joy it brings to so many dogs and people.  Murphy is an absolute delight and the bond between us grows more special every day.


I have paid the adoption fee into your account today and you should have received a confirmation email.  I have decided not to get another dog at this point for financial reasons, but when I am ready I will certainly contact you again.


Murphy is now living a wonderful country life, with long walks  every day, lots of company and cuddles, and a big bed to share with me and the cats.  He is an absolute character and highly intelligent and I love him to bits.


I'll attach some pics for the website.  I can't get them any smaller.

Kindest wishes,


** Be kinder than necessary, for everyone is dealing
with something or other.  **



Hi there,


This is to let you know that Murphy is well and happy and I love him to bits.  Thank you for sharing this lovely dog with me.


How do I pay the adoption fee for him?


I am also thinking about getting a little friend for him.  Can you please let me know if you get any maltese puppies in?  Thanks.


Kindest wishes,


? and Murphy


** Be kinder than necessary, for everyone is dealing
with something or other.  **