LILY adorable female puppy rescued from starvation

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When Lily was rescued together with her brother (who happily has been adopted), they had never been fed solid food and were walking skeletons.  Their bodies looked like pieces of string with a small knot in the middle.  They lived on soil and grit.  When we rescued them we thought they would not survive as they could only eat several tiny meals several times a day, or else they could not keep their food down.  In order to survive the weaker pup was put on a drip and both pups had patchy fur with wounds which needed treatment.   It is truly miraculous that they slowly started to improve in health.  Lily, pictured here, has grown into a strong puppy, full of the joys of life and she is now ready to start her new life.  We expect that she will be medium sized as an adult. She needs an experienced animal owner to introduce her into her new world and she needs a young male dog as a companion.


To meet this delightful pup who is now about 14 weeks old, please phone Adopt-a-Pet on 021 465-4560 between 19h30-21h00.