MERCI beautiful German Shepherd/Husky young adult female

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MERCI (she is French speaking) is a most beautiful young adult female German Shepherd with a touch of Husky in her, was abandoned together with her 12 young puppies. By the time Adopt-a-Pet came to her rescue 8 of her lovely puppies had been removed by persons unknown and we managed to rescue Merci and her remaining 4 puppies just in time before she and her pups were removed to face an uncertain future.


Merci is highly intelligent and responsive.  She is also an excellent mom to her four puppies. She will be spayed this Friday and thereafter she will be put up for adoption.  We are looking for an owner who is relaxed and non-demanding and we are hoping that she will be adopted together with one of her puppies as she is very close to them.

Please phone Adopt-a-Pet 021 465-4560 between 7:30pm-80pm or email to make an appointment to meet this splendid dog.