Beautiful male bottle fed puppy 7 weeks old dozing in the sun. Mother shot by farmer

Beautiful male bottle fed puppy 7 weeks old dozing in the sun.  Mother shot by farmerIn this photo, our adorable male 7 week old bottle fed puppy had just had a long play session with his brothers and is seen here dozing in the warm spring sunshine. He was bottle fed because his mother was shot by a cruel farmer when he was only 10 days old and his eyes were just starting to open on a new and cruel world. But at Adopt-a-Pet which is a "pro-life" organisation, help was quickly at hand in the form of willing and compassionate volunteers and staff who offered to bottle feed them. Bottle feeding is not easy, it means both feeding and stimulating them so they pass stools and urine throughout the day and night. They also need to be kept warm in a constant temperature. The puppy milk has to be given in a miniature bottle with a teat and the feeder has to be careful that the puppy has a proper sucking reflex so that the milk does not go into the puppy's lungs by mistake. When asked if she could help, Lauren immediately agreed and ended up with 6 of the eight puppies. Her comment was that if she could raise 6 children of her own and hold down a job, 6 puppies would be easy. The last two puppies went to another very kind volunteer who took the two puppies to work with her every day and who works with birds and wildlife. To meet these lovely puppies phone Adopt-a-Pet on 021 465-4560 between 7pm-8pm. If there is no reply, kindly leave a message. We do not home single puppies and the new owner would either need to have a compatible dog already or adopt a 2nd dog. Children need to be 6 years or older. The puppies will be ready within a few weeks. <!--[if gte mso 9]> <![endif]--><!--[if gte mso 9]> <![endif]-->