HAPPY ENDING PHOTOSThe fates are smiling on Adopt-a-Pet at present, we are thankfully filling up our wall space with more and more photos of adopted dogs and cats, many of whom have been with us for a long time. We are humbled and grateful at the same time that so many good people are coming forward to adopt our rescued animals, many for the second and third time around as we go back in time until 1994. Although we don't have a fancy place because all our funds go to our animals for food and vet bills, thanks to the kindness of our many supporters, all our runs each now have brightly coloured shallow swimming pools so that the dogs can cool off (with borehole water) in this relentless heat. Yesterday with temperatures of 36 degrees proved this point. People are relieved by our "pro-life" policy and even if dogs are returned, although this seldom happens, they do so with wagging tails and run straight back to their former kennels. It is time to treat the problem of pet overpopulation by adopting an alternative and progressive approach to animal welfare instead of killing. Although this will take time, the time to start is immediately. One of the most successful techniques is to promote Humane Education in the difficult areas which will alter the abuse, the cruelty and the backyard breeding, In March 2018 it will be 7 years since we started working with learners in high risk areas. After a short while, once they learned to trust us, many of the learners admitted in their diaries that they had tortured and killed animals before they started our programmes. But all this has changed and they are now mentoring the new young group. Their passion and enthusiasm is infectious. We need more volunteers for our Humane Education Programmes and we hope to hear from you.