SHEENA has found his perfect home after his owner passed away

SHEENA has found his perfect home after his owner passed away<!--[if gte mso 9]> <![endif]--><!--[if gte mso 9]> <![endif]-->

When Sheena’s owner Becky  passed away,  I knew she would have wanted me to take in Sheena to ensure his future safety. Becky was an amazing person who lived in a tough neighbourhood but she had a heart of gold and always made room for a homeless dog or cat in order to save their lives.  We linked up with Becky some years ago and we were always filled with admiration for her endless kindness and compassion to both children and animals in need of help.  I hope that somehow Becky is aware that her beloved Sheena is safe and very happy in his new home with exceptional owners who have a beautiful home and  garden on a mountain slope in Hout Bay.


This is what Sheena’s new owner, Wendy, had to say in an email received today, 28th December 2017:   “ Dear Cicely, Herewith a pic of Sheena.  He has settled in very quickly. Sleeps on our bed at night and wanders around the garden quite happily.  He is very loving and a precious companion.  I have fallen in love with him my handsome boy.  He seems very happy. Thank you for bringing him to us. Wendy”