Siblings Mica and Mannie safe and happy on their 2nd Birthday on Xmas day 2017

Siblings Mica and Mannie safe and happy on their 2nd Birthday on Xmas day 2017<!--[if gte mso 9]> <![endif]--><!--[if gte mso 9]> <![endif]-->

If you are a follower of our website , you will remember the litter of 10 beautiful puppies born to Monique on Christmas Day 2015.  Monique’s owner had died and the neighbours chased a heavily pregnant Monique into a very busy road on Christmas Day while she was in labour.  She gave birth in the gutter on a boiling hot Christmas day and had nowhere to nurture them and had no food or water for herself as taxis and speeding cars raced past her.  Nobody would help us to rescue her, even the police refused.  Many people were under the influence of liquor and it was an unsafe place.  On the next day- Boxing Day- we managed to find a cooperative taxi driver and he agreed to drive our two kennels assistants with two pet boxes to  rescue Monique at an agreed cost.  By then 4 of her puppies had died in the gutter from dehydration.  The six remaining puppies and Monique were met by the founder of Adopt-a-Pet and were rushed to our shelter. The vets who help us were all closed because it was a public holiday. Monique had collapsed from her ordeal, we cooled her down and placed her in a cool indoor area with her puppies who were suckling strongly from her.   Later after she had rested, she ate the nourishing meal we had prepared for her and drank lots of water.  Thereafter we are happy to tell you that all went well.  All her puppies have been adopted into caring homes.  This photo shows two of her puppies called Mannie and Mica, brother and sister in their new homes in the same family celebrating their second birthday on Christmas day, the 25th December 2017.    A huge thank you to an incredible person called Willouw who recommended  these excellent homes with his sister and with  his mother.  He also found an outstanding home in Somerset West for Mercury (now called Miggie) , a brother of Mica and Mannie.    Thanks to our pro-life policy, these special dogs have been given a 2nd chance at life. Their birthday celebrations could not have been sweeter!