FW: Happily ever after photos

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Hi Meagan,

You can see the happy endings photo on our website under Happy Endings at www.adopt-a-pet.org.za and click on cats.   I will later transfer the photo to happy endings.  Please remember to ensure that your cats are closed in at night.  This when they tend to roam and can get run over or stray cats would fight with them and they could contract Feline Aids and Leukaemia which are fatal diseases.  Thank you again for the lovely home you have given them.  We will contact you when their sterilisations are due.


Very best wishes,

Cicely: Founder: Adopt-a-Pet


From: Cicely [mailto:darg@icon.co.za]
Sent: 02 February 2018 11:19 PM
To: 'uploadcats@adopt-a-pet.org.za'
Subject: FW: Happily ever after photos


Thank you Meagan for giving such an excellent  home to Lily and Rudolf. We look forward to more happy news.   Love from all at Adopt-a-Pet  



Hi there


Here are the happily ever after photos.


And here's a little story:


"My name is Lily and my brothers name is Rudolf. We are really tight. My adoptive parents saw us sitting together among the other kittens at Adopt-a-Pet and couldn't resist taking us as a pair. We love our new home. The best part is when we get to play outside. I can't wait til we grow up so that we can play outside all day long."


P.S. Lily is the kitten with more white 


Kind regards