The Question is often posed as to whether animals have a right to life. At Adopt-a-Pet all animals which come into our care are considered to be worthy of life. We do not have a "selection" policy which discards animals because they may be considered too young, or too old, or too ugly, or too sick, or "unhomeable."  We will do whatever is necessary to ensure that a rescued animal obtains the best veterinary and behaviourist treatment which may be required. We have never claimed that it is possible for us to rescue every dog and cat, but  for those which we do rescue, it is everything to them. This is the best we can do. At the same time, we believe in true euthanasia when, on the advice of the vets who assist us, the animal is suffering from an incurable illness or has incurable pain with no hope of recovery. We extend our immense gratitute to the excellent veterinary practice which has so professionally and generously assisted our animals since our association began in 1994. Thank you to our exceptional staff and volunteers without whom Adopt-a-Pet could not function and who are an inspiration to all. We are also grateful to Debbie who has so skilfully assisted those animals in need of behaviourist treatment, through the implementation of the Telllington Touch (T-Touch) and Open-Paw techniques.  We have sponsored workshops for our staff and volunteers to learn about these amazing techniques.  With her help, every new owner is provided with a folder of information to help them integrate a new dog or cat into their home.