Happy ending photo of Dannie and Jamie

Happy ending photo of Dannie and Jamie

Dannie and Jamie were rescued in September 2009 from a warehouse in Montague Gardens  which is open around the clock.  An observant employee noticed that a mother cat had given birth to a litter of kittens on a pallet of boxes, high up under the eaves of the busy warehouse, where she thought no one would notice them. However, because there is constant movement in the warehouse of pallets being moved around on forklift trucks for delivery to destinations all over South Africa,  the kittens were soon spotted and Adopt-a-Pet was contacted to come to their rescue late one afternoon.
The use of their tallest forlift truck was enlisted and soon the kittens were on ground floor level surrounded by many admirers. They were rushed off to Adopt-a-Pet's nearby kennels, where they needed to be bottle fed by Bee who works for Adopt a Pet and who is always on hand as a surrogate mom, despite working full time for us and bottle feeding them every two hours days and night. (THANK YOU BEE).
Regrettably, because there is an abundance of food available in the warehouse, we were unable to catch the mother cat as she would not go into our humane cat trap baited with food.
The good news is that two weeks ago, the mother cat gave birth to her next litter of kittens and this time we managed to entice her into the humane trap by placing her kittens inside the trap.   She is safe at Adopt-a-Pet with her five kittens, who look just like Dannie and Jamie.  This time she will be sterilised as soon as her kittens are weaned and she will be returned to the warehouse where there is ample food for her.  She is a wild, feral cat and would be happier in the environment in which she has grown up.

Thank you Nadia, for providing Dannie and Jamie with such an outstanding home.

I thought I would email you a few photos of Dannie and Jamie now that they are reunited, they are very loving towards each other and to us.

Thank you so much for allowing them to make our home complete.

Kind Regards


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Hi Nadia,   The vets will take out the pin from your kitten's leg between Xmas and New Year and will let you know as soon as this is done. The kitten has a wonderful playful and happy personality and it cannot wait to get out of its confined space.  Talk to you soon, Bst wishes, Cicely. Adopt-a-Pet.  Pls forward me your phone no so that I can contact you as the kitten is at my house and not at the kennels where your form has been filed.    
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Dear cecily! Thank you for your understanding as i also understand your point. We are currently getting quotes for our body corporate for the burglar bars as they need to approve as only specific bars are accepted, as to the balcony we can cover that up with mesh as well for the time being as it is inexpensive we wil later when we have more money available we wil put up higher things for them! Wil let u know as soon as everything has been done so that u can recheck! Thank you and kind regards Nadia