Adopt a pet was founded by Cicely Blumberg, her passion for animals inspired her to open an animal sanctuary for unwanted pets. Her goals are to educate us on the importance of being humane and dedicates her life to teaching people the importance of compassion towards animals.


Cicely's News

April 1, 2019

Trixie & Faith Have Been Adopted

We are delighted to have our favourite puppy homed with a lovley family.
March 19, 2019

Lucy & Mr. Bojangles A Happy Ending

“Dearest Cecily, I wanted to say a VERY BIG Thank you, from the bottom of my heart for everything you and the Adopt a Pet team […]
March 19, 2019

The True Gentleman, Kalamazoo

“Pic as promised. Garth and Belle in the hills above Greyton. Garth is the most amazing gentleman dog I have ever come across. For me, he […]
March 12, 2019

Hero Foster Family Helps Kitten

he kitten Rambo who is fighting for his life against all the odds. Plus updates on Trixie and Faith. Rambo’s mother, Coco Chanel, was brought to […]

Meet Our Furry Fluffballs

  • Macey & her 5 kittens

    Rescued from a township by one of our kennel assistants who live there. A concerned woman ran up with a box consisting of Mommy and 5 kittens, four males and one female asking for help to sterilise and return the mother and one male kitten. They were very undernourished, many were underweight and had hardly any hair. They were hand fed with kitten milk because their mom Macey didn't have enough milk to feed all of them. They are now flourishing and gaining weight and are approximately 7 weeks old. They can start to be adopted after 8 weeks. Please open your heart and homes to them. Phone Cicely of Adopt-a-Pet on 021 465-4560 between 10 am and 7 pm. Please note: We do not adopt out single kittens. The new owners would either need to have a compatible cat/kitten already or adopt two kittens. Children must be 6 years or older.
  • Kibble

    Meet Kibble - an irresistible male kitten who will tug at your heart strings. He needs a home where he will live out of the sun because of his pink ears and nose as he could develop skin cancer from exposure to sunlight. Note: We do not home single kittens, A new owner would either need to already have a compatible cat already or adopt a second kitten. Phone cicely on 021 465-4560 and please leave a message
  • Keanu

    Keanu our adorable male kitten has a slightly squint eye which adds to his charm. Kindly note that we do not home single kittens. A new owner would either need to have a young compatible cat or kitten already or adopt a 2nd cat/kitten. Phone Cicely on 021 465-4560 and please leave a message.
  • LB (male)

    DOB: 15 Oct 2013 Older and much wiser than the average feline companion. LB was (sadly) returned from his previous adopted home due to family circumstances but he would love another chance to find a loving home. BTW – he opens doors to venture into the garden. A home with a garden will be ideal for LB. Call Beryl on 082 886 6600 or Cicely on 021 465 4560 or 074 519 9600.
  • Claudia (female)

    DOB: estimated 2011 Mature Claudia is a big girl and despite having claws like Wolverine, she is very social and unlikely to draw blood ! She loves attention and rolls over very playfully at the smallest signs of getting loved. Call Beryl on 082 886 6600 or Cicely on 021 465 4560 or 074 519 9600.
  • Blaze (male)

    DOB: estimated Feb 2016 Blaze is a big but friendly cat. He loves to wonder outside into the garden, so a home with a garden will be a winner. Blaze is well socialised with people and other cats. Call Beryl on 082 886 6600 or Cicely on 021 465 4560 or 074 519 9600
  • Bartholomew (male)

    DOB: estimated May 2009 Bart is an older gentleman and needs a quiet and relaxed home. He is a bit skittish but love may yet win him over. Call Beryl on 082 886 6600 or Cicely on 021 465 4560 or 074 519 9600.
  • Ashley (male)

    DOB: : 15 Jan 2018 Ashley is a small and petite young cat, part of the litter dumped as kittens, but he has turned out friendly and well socialised with people. Soft to the touch – like velvet!!! He loves attention and is active. Call Beryl on 082 886 6600 or Cicely on 021 465 4560 or 074 519 9600.
  • Squirrel (female)

    DOB: estimated Mar 2017 This poor girl is not yet used to the shelter and is very uncertain of herself. She still hides in a corner at times and is a bit jumpy but she has the potential to become a lovely family pet. Call Beryl on 082 886 6600 or Cicely on 021 465 4560 or 074 519 9600.
  • Amber (female)

    DOB: estimated April 2018 Amber is petite but very social and is destined to be a lap cat. She enjoys being petted and purrs at the slightest attention! Ignoring her may get you nipped. Call Beryl on 082 886 6600 or Cicely on 021 465 4560 or 074 519 9600
  • Elfy & Pixie

    Elfy, delightful male puppy (and brother of Pixie) about 10 weeks old, seen here with Melissa, a volunteer from Switzerland who is a great help at Adopt-a-Pet Pixie charming female puppy (and sister of Elfy) about 10 weeks old, seen here with Sissel, another valued volunteer from Denmark.
  • Shelley

    She was roaming the streets of Mitchell's Plain as a stray begging for food until she was rescued by a concerned lady who looked out for her and who helped to feed her when she passed her house. She then phoned Adopt-a-Pet to ask if we could take her in and we replied that she was welcome to bring her to our shelter. Then suddenly Shelley stopped coming and we were all so worried that she may have died, but thankfully, Shelley turned up again and the kind lady brought her to our shelter. After receiving lots of TLC, treatment and good food at Adopt-a-Pet, she has blossomed into a beautiful puppy who is now about 12 weeks old and ready for a new home. At present she weighs about 5-6 kgs.
  • Sugar & Spice

    This is Sugar who is a German Shepherd/Husky whose sister is called Spice. One year old, their owner has moved where there are already 3 other dogs and they need to be rehomed together if possible.
  • Sugar & Spice

    This beautiful one year old female Husky/German Shepherd called Spice is looking for a loving and responsible new owner, preferably together with her inseparable sister Sugar
  • Paul & Lola

    inseparable young adult Pitbulls called Paul and Lola have the most outstanding natures and are excellent with adults and older children, but are not used to cats. Their owner, who is heartbroken and who adores them, has sadly had to move elsewhere where pets are not allowed. The dogs love to play, they are housetrained, and follow their owner like shadows. They sleep indoors and are treated as part of the family. They need a relaxed home and a calm environment. Phone Cicely at Adopt-a-Pet on 021 465-4560 between 10:30am - 7:00pm. If there is no reply leave a message and your call will soon be returned.
  • Sheba

    SHEBA is a highly recommended medium sized female with an outstanding sweet nature. She gets on well with people and other dogs but is not used to cats. She is seen here with our volunteer Peter who is offering her a well deserved treat For behaving so well at our recent Adopt-a-Pet promo yesterday held at Starke Ayres Nursery in Rosebank. The magnificent dog in the background called Tiger Lily will be featured on this website soon in a larger photo. Phone Cicely on 021 465-4560 and please leave a message.
  • Snowey’s Litter *ADOPTED*

    Snowey had a litter of 7 most adorable puppies. Three females are now ready for adoption. They will be smallish to medium in size when they grow up. Kindly note that we don't home single puppies. You would either have to have a compatible dog already or adopt a second young dog. Phone Cicely on 021 465-4560. Our phone can be very busy so please leave a message and your call will be returned very soon.
  • Peter Pan is a male (brown colour) He is a X Labrador

  • Snow White X Labrador

  • Black Beauty Border Collie/Labrador

    They have sweet, playful natures and would benefit from attending dog training classes. They are intelligent and keen to please. For more info: Phone Cicely on 021 465-4560.
  • Michele

    Adopt-a-Pet was informed 2 weeks ago about a little stray female puppy by a very kind and concerned lady living in Mitchell's Plain. The puppy was roaming the streets in search of food and when we said the puppy was welcome to come to our shelter, the puppy suddenly disappeared for about a week and we thought she might have died. We were overjoyed when the puppy reappeared yesterday and was brought immediately to us. We have called her Michele, she is somewhat neglected and very sweet. She will soon blossom in a loving home with lots of TLC and a good diet. She is longing for a loving and responsible new owner, where she will sleep indoors and will have a compatible doggy companion. Children must be 6 years or older and if you have a swimming pool, it would have to be securely fenced. Phone Cicely on 021 465-4560 between 10am-7pm or leave a message.
  • Velvet *ADOPTED*

    Velvet our adorable female puppy is waiting and hoping for a loving and responsible home, where she will sleep inside and will have another compatible doggy friend with whom she can play. Children need to be six years or older and pools must be enclosed as she is too young to be able to swim. Phone Cicely 021 465-4560 between 10am - 7pm
  • The Odd Couple!

    The Odd Couple! Bruno and his girlfriend Yogi are looking for a home.  Bruno is about 1 ½ years old and Yogi is just under a year old.  These two have been kennel mates for 3 months and are best of friends and play together all day long.  Bruno looks like an  Africanis and Yogi is a xbreed Terrier.  A home that will take both will be preferred, but they can also be applied for separately.  Whatsapp Beryl on 082 886 6600 or call Cicely on 021 465 4560.


Kindly note that we do not home single puppies. Potential adopters would either need to have a compatible dog already of the opposite sex or adopt a second dog from another litter. For more info: Phone: Adopt-a-Pet 7:30pm-9:00pm on 021 465-4560 or 074 5199600. If there is not reply PLEASE don't leave missed calls. We want to hear from you. Leave a message and we will phone you back very soon.